The Boktai Database

Almost exactly a month ago (I’m a day late writing this), I started a new project. Since May 1st, 2022, I’ve been building a fan/archival website dedicated to the video game series Boktai. Aside from a bootstrapped portfolio website that I made as part of a college course, this is the first website I’ve ever built from top to bottom in HTML almost entirely on … Continue reading The Boktai Database

Acquisition Hell

This morning, Facebook announced that they are buying Giphy, the popular internet GIF repository, with the intention of integrating it with Instagram. Which means it’s only a matter of time before Facebook gets tired of their new toy and shuts them down for good, or maybe strip mines them for features before rebranding them to “InstaGIFs” or some horseshit. I am so goddamn sick of … Continue reading Acquisition Hell

Brand Not Found

Once in a great while in the constant hellscape that is capitalism, there appears something in which we can find joy: pirating your favorite show from your least favorite company, blocking every promoted tweet on your timeline to assert your dominance, and my personal favorite, websites whose domain names are that of brands, but which do not belong to the brands in question. The most … Continue reading Brand Not Found