I’m sorry, but this is horseshit

Last week, Brent Hyder, President and “Chief People Officer” for software giant Salesforce published a post to the company’s blog, titled “Creating a Best Workplace from Anywhere, for Everyone.” Besides being exactly the kind of godawful nonsense word salad you might expect from a big tech company, it was probably the first major instance of one of our new corporate overlords finally saying the quiet … Continue reading I’m sorry, but this is horseshit

This Weird Fuckin’ T-Phone Rips

There are no rules anymore. It’s 2020. You know this. If you’ve paid any attention to consumer tech in the past two years, you know that the companies that make phones have gotten both very rich and extremely bored, and so it is time to stunt on ’em. Samsung has been folding its phones in half in both directions, Motorola saw that as an opportunity … Continue reading This Weird Fuckin’ T-Phone Rips

Pick a Pic: Nextbit Robin camera test

This past month or so, my latest and greatest phone, Google’s Nexus 6P, started having battery issues. It’s lasted me about two years, so this wasn’t too distressing. Unfortunately, this is just the lifespan of a smartphone in my experience. But every smartphone death is an opportunity for positive change, and in my case, I used that opportunity to snag my dream phone: The Nextbit … Continue reading Pick a Pic: Nextbit Robin camera test