It’s RPG Season, Baby

Fall has finally, officially arrived in my neck of the woods, and you know what that means: It’s time to throw on your thickest socks, your fuzziest sweater, your coziest blanket, grab a cup of something hot, and play some video games. But not just any video games. Only the biggest, longest, meatiest (oh my) games will do. I’m talking about my new best friend, … Continue reading It’s RPG Season, Baby


I was recently listening to an episode of my new favorite podcast, A More Civilized Age, in which hosts Rob Zachny, Austin Walker, Natalie Watson, and Ali Acampora watch and critically discuss the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series, when I was suddenly assaulted with a blockbuster piece of information I had somehow missed. One of the hosts mentioned Knights of the Old Republic, the … Continue reading HOW DID I MISS THIS???!?

Some questions about a new Nintendo Switch

So there’s a new report in Bloomberg today alleging that Nintendo is planning to release a new Nintendo Switch model with a 7-inch OLED screen and 4K capabilities when connected to a TV by this holiday season. This is obviously big news, and news that many were expecting to hear during Nintendo’s first big Direct of the year a few weeks back. Whether or not … Continue reading Some questions about a new Nintendo Switch

Okay, so KOTOR is definitely coming to Switch, yeah?

This week, Aspyr – longtime handlers of porting Star Wars games to new platforms – announced that they will be bringing Star Wars: Republic Commando to PS4 and Switch on April 6th. It’s just the latest in what is, at this point, a pretty long line of classic Star Wars games being brought to Switch. So…like…Knights of the Old Republic‘s gotta be on the way, … Continue reading Okay, so KOTOR is definitely coming to Switch, yeah?