New York City – March 12th, 2021

3:15 PM. It’s 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The first nice day we’ve felt in a while. All apartment windows open, breeze blowing through. Five days until my birthday. It’s been a day of cleaning after a week of being sick with colds. The apartment looks nice and tidy, with sunlight streaming in and turning the wood to gold. The neighborhood is calm and peaceful. No horns … Continue reading New York City – March 12th, 2021

Some questions about a new Nintendo Switch

So there’s a new report in Bloomberg today alleging that Nintendo is planning to release a new Nintendo Switch model with a 7-inch OLED screen and 4K capabilities when connected to a TV by this holiday season. This is obviously big news, and news that many were expecting to hear during Nintendo’s first big Direct of the year a few weeks back. Whether or not … Continue reading Some questions about a new Nintendo Switch

The Swindle got me through a stressful moving process

As I’ve mentioned on this blog a few times now, the month of February has been a month of moving. My sister moved out of the apartment we shared for almost four years, and my girlfriend moved in. If you have ever moved yourself or someone close to you, you know what an all-consuming beast it is. Moving is big and hard and stressful. No … Continue reading The Swindle got me through a stressful moving process

Congratulations, I’ve Won

In yesterday’s post, I alluded to an eBay auction I accidentally won, and that that auction was partially responsible for rekindling my desire to learn Japanese. This is that story. Before continuing, I highly recommend throwing on the Boktai 2 soundtrack as a reading companion. It’ll become clear why later. Otherwise, read on… In a literal sense, this story begins two weeks ago, in late … Continue reading Congratulations, I’ve Won

On Discipline

The process of becoming an adult is largely the process of getting better and better at maintaining what can reasonably be called “a life,” which is itself largely a series of things you do regularly to fulfill an ever-expanding hierarchy of needs and, eventually, wants. I am now firmly in my “late twenties.” I’ve got the list of things I need to do to make … Continue reading On Discipline

RIP 3DS, the Best Nintendo Handheld

Another day of 2020, another casualty. The reports started rolling in this morning. The king is finally dead. Nintendo’s Japanese site has updated the listings of its 3DS family of consoles with an “Out Of Production” message. Their English site has seemingly scrubbed any mention of the 3DS from existence. Nine years after launch, and several years since anything major was last released for the … Continue reading RIP 3DS, the Best Nintendo Handheld

I’m pretending it’s summer today

Hi, it’s May 9th and it snowed last night. But it’s sunny enough outside, so I’m pretending it’s summer today. Forgetting and pretending can be pretty useful and necessary acts of self-care from time to time, in small doses. Luckily, I’m very good at those things, so I’m doing myself a solid and pretending it’s summer today. My space heater is doing a lot of … Continue reading I’m pretending it’s summer today

Brand Not Found

Once in a great while in the constant hellscape that is capitalism, there appears something in which we can find joy: pirating your favorite show from your least favorite company, blocking every promoted tweet on your timeline to assert your dominance, and my personal favorite, websites whose domain names are that of brands, but which do not belong to the brands in question. The most … Continue reading Brand Not Found