On Discipline

The process of becoming an adult is largely the process of getting better and better at maintaining what can reasonably be called “a life,” which is itself largely a series of things you do regularly to fulfill an ever-expanding hierarchy of needs and, eventually, wants. I am now firmly in my “late twenties.” I’ve got the list of things I need to do to make … Continue reading On Discipline

Welcome to The Go To Hell Space [MAY 2020]

Well, it finally happened. The novel coronavirus pandemic turned the world inside out, I lost my job, and I’ve been inside for almost two months straight, so I am starting a blog. To kick things off, I’ll start by handling some obvious questions: Q. Why is this blog called The Go To Hell Space? A. A few years ago (the last time I was unemployed), … Continue reading Welcome to The Go To Hell Space [MAY 2020]