What Else Is On? July 20th, 2022

Hello and welcome to What Else is On?, a collection of things from elsewhere on the web that I’ve been enjoying in the past month.


First off, here’s a track to throw on and vibe out to while you catch up on the below. This month, it’s…
Garlic Jam, an album by blog favorite Louie Zong, made entirely in Warioware D.I.Y. for the Nintendo DS.


📚 Big Publishers Are Putting The Internet Archive On Trial [Motherboard]
Following the continuing trend of bad people doing bad things, some large corporations are trying to destroy an unquestionably good website.

📚 Who Cares About Continuity [Gawker]
Finally someone says it.

📚 Every Single English-Language SNES Manual Is Now Available Online [Kotaku]
A very cool project that I sure hope Nintendo doesn’t try to kill!


📺 SGDQ 2022: Super Mario Maker 2 Blind Relay Race [YouTube]
Another Games Done Quick marathon has come and gone and raised an absurd amount of money for charity. Anytime GDQ throws Mario Maker on the schedule, you know it’s gonna be a good time.


🔊 A More Civilized Age [Podcast]
At the tail end of 2020, some of my favorite podcasters got together to make all my dreams come true and talk about Star Wars. AMCA bills itself as a Clone Wars podcast, and the main conceit is indeed the watching and/or rewatching of that cartoon series, but the hosts dive so much deeper than that. The show is both friendly to newcomers and satisfying for dumb nerds like myself. I love it.


I’ve been playing (and shockingly finishing) an absolute boatload of games lately, so here’s a lightning round of everything I’m loving right now:

🕹️ Neon White [$25, PC/Switch]
A fast-paced 3D platforming shooter for leaderboard-chasing freaks.
⭐ 5/5

🕹️ Last Call BBS [$20, PC/Mac/Linux]
A love letter to a time when computers were new and exciting.
⭐ 4.5/5

🕹️ Citizen Sleeper [$20, PC/Switch/Xbox]
A dice-based RPG/Visual Novel about making a life in a precarious place.
⭐ 5/5

🕹️ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge [$25, PC/Switch/PS4/Xbox]
Reminded me of just how much I loved TMNT as a kid. Damn fun.
⭐ 4/5

🕹️ Poinpy [“Free”, Netflix]
The creator of Downwell does it again. A mobile game that doesn’t suck shit.
⭐ 4/5


I’m back to tweets this month because the post is already late, and I can’t think of any websites.

This one lead to a thread of people’s favorite things about one of my favorite games, Boktai, which celebrated its 19th birthday this past weekend!

Thanks for reading! Til next time 👋

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