What Else Is On? June 5th, 2022

Hello and welcome to What Else is On?, a collection of things from elsewhere on the web that I’ve been enjoying in the past month.


First off, here’s a track to throw on and vibe out to while you catch up on the below. This month, it’s…
I’m Not So Sure, the first track off the album Earfood by the Roy Hargrove Quintet, in honor of the upcoming documentary about one of my favorite jazz musicians.


📚 Bees Are Fish, California Court Rules [Motherboard]
Corporations get creative in court to do evil shit all the time, so why not get creative in court to do good shit?

📚 Just Read Everything Aaron Gordon’s Been Writing, Honestly [Motherboard]
Dude always writes bangers, and he’s been on a roll lately.

📚 ANOTHER Guy Has Leaked Classified Military Documents On The SAME TANK GAME’S forums [Kotaku]
I can’t believe this keeps happening. Can military dudes calm down for like two seconds? Or don’t, this is very funny.

📚 U.S. ruling class unites: $40 billion for Ukraine war, nothing for workers [Liberation]
Love to live in a world held hostage by capital.

📚 Machinarium developer’s next game will be built with stunning 3D dioramas [Polygon]
I cannot wait for this.

📚 The last public payphone in NYC has been removed from Midtown [Gothamist]
RIP to an era.


📺 SPY x FAMILY [Crunchyroll]
This show is extremely cute, and has become our new nightly dinnertime watch.
A veteran spy is given his toughest assignment yet: pose as a loving husband and father in order to infiltrate an elite school to get close to a high-profile politician. He has the perfect cover, except his wife’s a deadly assassin and neither knows each other’s identity. But someone does: his adopted daughter who’s a telepath!

📺 Bowling Alley screens when you get a Strike [YouTube]
I can’t stop thinking about this weird, 40-second video. The music. The animations. The lack of any logic. I want a 10-hour endless version of this. I want someone (me?) to make infinite versions until the sun expands.


🔊 Better Call Saul Insider Podcast [Apple Podcasts]
I have FINALLY started watching the latest (and final) season of Better Call Saul, which means I can once more listen to this podcast! The cast and crew of this show are some truly lovely people, and it’s a joy to listen to them talk through their thoughts, processes and ideas after watching each episode of the show.


🕹️ No Man’s Sky [$59.99, Xbox, PS, PC]
Well, this six-year-old game has my ass again. Every once in a while, I dip back in to see what new and amazing features Hello Games have added, because they’re still adding truly incredible shit to this game for free CONSTANTLY. Now that there’s pirates and settlements and big space whales, they done got me again.
There’s also a Switch port coming this summer! Can’t wait to be able to play on a handheld and never be seen again!


It’s important to remember that the internet is still more than just one or two social media sites that make you mad and anxious. The internet is full of websites that are fun, helpful, or just nice. These are some of those websites.

🖥️ PC Part Picker
This site is super helpful anytime I’m trying to put together a new PC build or figure out upgrades to my current setup. It’s also a useful place to keep a list of all the parts currently in my PC, as I always forget exactly which components with which product codes are in there.

🖥️ PC-Builds Bottleneck Calculator
I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this site alongside the previous link. Anytime I see a potential component I could upgrade in my PC, usually the processor or graphics card, I pop over here to make sure it would play nicely with everything I’ve got going on. Super handy!

Thanks for reading! Til next time 👋

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