The Moment I Fell in Love With Final Fantasy VII

Last year, I played Final Fantasy VII for the first time, and it quickly became one of my favorite games of the year, and probably one of my favorites of all time. These things happen slowly, and as a result of many small moments added together, but one moment in particular stands out in my personal FF7 journey from “interest” to “love.” I was just thinking about it again this week.

To set the stage a bit:

Early on in your (Cloud’s) career as an eco-terrorist, your comrade Barret tells you time and again, “There ain’t no gettin’ offa this train.” Meaning, among other things, once you start something, you’ve got to see it through to the end.

Throughout your travels around the world, on the run from the evil Shinra corporation, you discover some things about yourself that shake you to your core, and cause you to question everything you’ve ever known about your past, your world, who you thought you were, and what it even means to be.

At one point, you become separated from your group of comrades and friends. You lose yourself and retreat inward.

After much introspection and help from your childhood friend Tifa, you finally decide that it’s the right thing to soldier on and continue fighting for the planet and the people you care about.

After returning to the group, you explain everything you’ve been through, and the decision you’ve come to.

And then…

A chorus of voices in unison, parroting their erstwhile leader’s rallying cry, at once an inside joke among friends, a pledge of allegiance to what increasingly looks like a doomed cause, and a vote of confidence in you (Cloud), your return, and newfound resolve.

The gang leaves Cloud to plan the next move. He looks at the screen in front of him, stretches his body, and breathes out. He’s back. And you’re all going to do this thing.

It rules. The music swell really got me.

Also this music track owns, so here it is in full:

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