1-Month Check-In

Exactly one month ago, on January 9th, I posted a list of things I wanted to do in the new year. One month later, let’s have a check-in and see how those things are going. To recap, here’s the list:

In 2022, I want to…

  • Buy a film camera and get into analog photography
  • Try once more to play the guitar
  • Get back to learning Japanese
  • Cut a new editing reel
  • Make more videos
  • Write more

Buy a film camera and get into analog photography

Not yet! I’ve decided to give it a little more time to percolate while everything else in my life is settling, and have it be a thing I give myself for my birthday. I’ve already decided on what I think is the right model for me: the Olympus OM-1, and I’m watching several eBay auctions with increasing interest.

Try once more to play the guitar

So I did go and dig my guitar out of my closet. And I tuned it back up to the best of my ability (using a website that listens to your guitar for you). And I went and found some chords to practice. And looked up some old tabs for songs I used to play. And that’s about it. It ended up just sitting a few inches from the closet it had been entombed in previously.

I think that might be it for guitar for now. I went and tried it, and felt all my curiosity and excitement about trying it again just drain out of me. So that’s fine. I might just not have it in me to keep with it and that’s okay.

Get back to learning Japanese

On the other hand, this has been going very well! I brushed back up on all my hiragana, finished learning those characters, and then I went and found an online course to keep up with! I went with japanesepod101.com, which seems decent enough, and they gave me a 30-day trial of their premium membership for $1, which I couldn’t say no to.

Better yet, though, is that I’ve actually scheduled out an hour every weekday to stop what I’m working on and go practice some Japanese. Consistency is key when learning anything, but especially a new language. And it’s going pretty great! I can feel old things from school coming back, and new things sinking in. I’m excited to keep this up!

Cut a new editing reel


Make more videos

Not just yet, but I’m working on it! I’m procrastinating from that very goal by writing this blog, actually!

Write more

Check ✅

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