A New Year

It’s so funny, the way turning the page of a calendar can mean anything. In the grand scheme of things, January 1st is just another step in the ceaseless march of time. And yet, the promise of a “new year” fills my heart and my brain with all sorts of new things I want to do. Makes me want to blog.

In 2022, I want to…

  • Buy a film camera and get into analog photography
  • Try once more to play the guitar
  • Get back to learning Japanese
  • Cut a new editing reel
  • Make more videos
  • Write more

I don’t have any concrete systems in mind yet to keep me honest — which is fine, most of these are just for fun anyway. I just got back from a lengthy bout of holiday travel, so I’m not eager to thrust myself against any grindstones just yet. In fact, I’m planning to give myself the week to veg out, have fun, and not stick to any set schedule. Being unemployed has its perks.

In the case of writing more, specifically here on this blog, I — again — have no framework in mind, but I did really enjoy my time spent blogging every day at the start of 2021. I think trying to do that every day again would be biting off too much, especially with everything else I want to do, but maybe something along those lines. Maybe weekly?

Regardless of what I come up with, I’ll try to write about it here. And hopefully all those other projects give me plenty to write about as well. And I’ll try not to be too precious about any of it. Life’s too short.

Especially when counted one New Year at a time.

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