I Should Not Buy This Jacket

I’m a 20-something, male-presenting American who loves video games. And I sure dress like it. Every morning, I grab a graphic tee from my t-shirt drawer and construct the day’s uniform. I’m basically a cartoon character, wearing the same combination of articles over and over because it’s just easier (and cheaper) to draw me that way. This has probably been true of me since… oh … Continue reading I Should Not Buy This Jacket

Well, Well, Well…

Over a year after announcing their acquisition of GIF-making-and-hosting site Giphy, Facebook has been slapped with a $70 million fine in relation to an ongoing investigation by UK regulators. It seems that back in August, the country’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched an antitrust probe into the tech giant’s ongoing acquisition. It subsequently issued something called an initial enforcement order (IEO), which would freeze … Continue reading Well, Well, Well…

Book of Travels: Early Impressions

Have you fallen out of love with MMOs in the past few years? Do you tire of the fetch quests, the stats, the buffs, the nerfs, and the busy UI? Do you perhaps tire of…all the other players? The folks at Swedish developer Might and Delight have been hard at work on those problems for more than two years now, and they think they’ve come … Continue reading Book of Travels: Early Impressions

Revisiting Mike's Big Juicy Summer Backlog

Summer is finally dead. New York’s string of 80-degree highs has broken. A thick blanket of clouds envelopes the sky. It is a time for sweaters and soup, mugs of tea and apple cider, warmth and coziness. Fall is here, beckoning the world toward its yearly reverie. A chance to slow down, to contemplate. And as I do, I can’t help but feel like I’m … Continue reading Revisiting Mike's Big Juicy Summer Backlog