REVIEW: My girlfriend saying "my beefsteaks" anytime Zagreus says "my keepsakes" in Hades

 My girlfriend started playing Hades earlier this year and it’s great. I largely have NoClip’s excellent documentary series to thank for this. She’s gotten really good at it, gotten extremely into the story and characters, and completed dozens of runs at this point.

She’s played through the game so many times now, in fact, that a good deal of the dialogue (outside of character conversations) has repeated several times. One such piece of dialogue occurs whenever Zagreus, the player character, opens his trove of Keepsakes – precious items gifted to him by various other characters in order to aid him on his quest. It isn’t every time, but every couple of times, Zagreus will open the box of Keepsakes and say, “My keepsakes…” in a very ponderous tone of voice.

My girlfriend, who has heard this many, many times now, and is also very funny, has taken to saying, in the same ponderous, serious tone of voice, “My beefsteaks.”

Here is my review:

  • Extremely good and gets me every time.
  • Her impression and delivery are spot on.
  • Is she referring to beefsteaks as in meat, or the big tomatoes?
  • It never occurred to me that it might be tomatoes until just now writing this.
  • It’s fun to imagine that instead of a display case of precious items from his friends and family, Zagreus having just a big box full of either meats or big tomatoes.

Now you too, dear reader, have shared in the joy that is this delightful occurrence. Lauren, if you’re reading this, I love you and your weird brain so much.

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