This week's turnips, Week of May 10th, 2021

Wowee, I haven’t blogged about these things in a while, huh? Well, that’s not just because I’ve been away from the blog, it’s also because I haven’t engaged with Animal Crossing New Horizons’ turnip market since sometime last summer. This is thanks both to betting big and striking it rich on an island I found on the Turnip Exchange, and simultaneously reaching a part of the game that effectively means I almost never have to pay for anything anymore.

I’m just good. I just have a house and I’m good. Imagine.

Well folks, I ended my long hiatus from a number of things this week when, driven by morbid curiosity and a vague jealousy that my girlfriend has amassed over 3million bells through diligent daily task-doing, while I continue to languish in near-poverty with just over a million, I dove back into the high-stakes game of turnip trading. Now I know how the capitalists feel: largely empty.

I’m happy – or, really kind of ambivalent, I guess – to report that my first time back in almost a year was a wild success. Aided by my longtime friend and confidant,, I returned to find my island’s turnip market in an upswing, offering me a price high enough to dissuade me from the lengthy wait times of the Turnip Exchange.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

Purchase Price: 110
Monday Morning Price: 96
Monday Afternoon Price: 91
Tuesday Morning Price: 87
Tuesday Afternoon Price: 119
Wednesday Morning Price: 205
Wednesday Afternoon Price: 232 -SOLD-

Turnips Purchased: 4,000
Purchase Total: 440,000 Bells
Sell Total: 928,000 Bells

Total Profit: 488,000 Bells

Maybe not as big a score as I might have found on the Exchange, but honestly, I’m rich enough already. At this point, it was just a gamble for fun. Getting to keep the whole thing on my own island was icing on the cake.

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