Some questions about a new Nintendo Switch

So there’s a new report in Bloomberg today alleging that Nintendo is planning to release a new Nintendo Switch model with a 7-inch OLED screen and 4K capabilities when connected to a TV by this holiday season. This is obviously big news, and news that many were expecting to hear during Nintendo’s first big Direct of the year a few weeks back.

Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, though an outlet the size of Bloomberg likely wouldn’t publish any run-of-the-mill rumor. But rumors of a new, more powerful Switch model have been out there for a good year at this point, and I have some questions about what happens when and if that day comes.

My questions are as follows:

Will the Joy-Cons be better?

There have been a number of well-publicized issues with the current Switch’s wireless controllers basically since its original release in 2017. Drifting analog sticks, dropped inputs, desyncing, you name it. With an apparent focus on resolution for the New Switch, one would hope there would also come an increased focus on quality and longevity. At 80 bucks a pop for a complete new pair of ‘Cons, it’s frankly unacceptable that Nintendo has done so little to fix the issue in the time they’ve had to do so. The hope there would be that they’ve focused on New Joy-Con quality over fixing the mess they’ve already made, which…still majorly sucks. But at least it would be something?

Will I be able to easily transfer all my data to the new Switch?

This one’s kind of a softball no-brainer, so I threw “easily” in there for a challenge. Doubtless, there will be many current Switch owners keen to upgrade to the new model, and it would be an enormous mistake on Nintendo’s part not to include a process for transferring all your current games and save data over to the new guy. They had something similar in place for the 3DS family. The least they could do, then, is make it dead simple.

Will there be a recycling program in place for all the old Switches?

This seems unlikely, but I honestly cringe at the thought of what happens to hundreds of thousands of current-generation Switches when the new Switch comes out. Probably what largely happens to every other piece of consumer technology when a new model is released. But one can dream. In 2021, with climate change already fervently knocking on the door, and what we know about the growing problem of e-waste, it would be extremely irresponsible and unsightly for Nintendo to shrug their shoulders and let scores of these things be tossed into landfills. If you are reading this, I would hope you wouldn’t simply throw your old Switch, or any piece of tech, away. You can always sell it, pass it on to someone you know who wants one, or better yet, donate it to a cause in need. Who knows, maybe the Great Old Switch Sell-Off will finally save GameStop.

Please don’t make the new Zelda BOTW sequel exclusive to this new hardware?

Okay, this isn’t a question, it’s a solemn plea. I highly doubt Nintendo would do this for such a big title that was announced long before what one assumes will be a forthcoming official announcement of this new Switch, but this is also undoubtedly the opening of the window for games made exclusively for this new, more powerful hardware. Mark my words, within a year’s time, there will be trailers for Switch games prefaced with “Only on Switch Pro,” or whatever the new thing is called. It’ll happen. It always happens. Maybe Nintendo will just really not want to fragment their software catalog in that way. But they’ll probably want your Switch Pro money more.

I think that’s all I’ve got in me for now, what about you? Any thoughts on a beefy new Nintendo Switch? Lemme know in the ol’ comments section.

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