Okay, so KOTOR is definitely coming to Switch, yeah?

This week, Aspyr – longtime handlers of porting Star Wars games to new platforms – announced that they will be bringing Star Wars: Republic Commando to PS4 and Switch on April 6th. It’s just the latest in what is, at this point, a pretty long line of classic Star Wars games being brought to Switch. So…like…Knights of the Old Republic‘s gotta be on the way, right?

Disney started resurrecting Star Wars classics on the Nintendo Switch moneymaking train in September 2019 with Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, followed by its predecessor, Jedi Academy, in March of 2020. Soon after, they reaffirmed their push on the Switch with Star Wars Episode I: Racer in June. Now, with the announcement of Republic Commando‘s arrival on the platform, it feels like Disney and Aspyr are all in. They’ve shown that they are ready, willing, and able to get these old relics working on new hardware, and portable hardware at that! Surely, KOTOR, the Star Wars game with, if not the biggest following, then the loudest fans, MUST be on their timeline somewhere.

What’s more, Aspyr have already proven their ability to port KOTOR to portable platforms with their excellent releases on iOS and Android. In fact, they released KOTOR II on mobile just a few scant months ago! They know people will still pay money to play these games. Combined with the awesome power of the Switch? The console everyone just wants every game to be released on already? Come on!

And with newly confirmed rumors that an all-new KOTOR game is indeed in the works, albeit outside of BioWare and EA, well… that would be a pretty great reason to re-release the series’ previous installments on modern consoles, now wouldn’t it? That is an admission to an understanding of the level of enthusiasm that still exists for these games. That, alongside their consistent push to put classic games on the Switch, and their recent announcement of Star Wars Hunters, a new multiplayer shooter coming to Switch later in 2021…shit, it’s just a matter of time.

I’ve channeled all of my excitement into creating a mockup of just what that big announcement might look like. Disney… my professional email is in my pinned tweet.


It’s coming, alright. You can smell it on the wind. I just want to know when. Someone tell me when. Does anyone’s uncle still work at Nintendo? Gimme that hookup.

This is all of us.

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