What Else Is On? May 17th, 2020

Hey. You made it. Chips are on the table, there’s coke in the fridge if you want. This is Toby, he doesn’t bite, but he does love people. You’re not allergic, right? Pie’ll be here in an hour. Feel free to put anything up on the ol’ tube, no one else is here yet.

PowerWash Simulator is an oddly satisfying game that lets you clean filthy houses
Taylor Lyles, The Verge
“FuturLab decided to release an early demo on itch.io ‘because frankly, we thought folks could do with a relaxing stress reliever right now!’”

Welcome To Danny DeVito Island
Zack Zwiezen, Kotaku
“Over on the Animal Crossing subreddit, B4SSOON explained that they had lost track of the hours they spent making this giant face.”

There’s a Mega Sale happening on the Epic Games Store
Me, Just Now
“I got Control for $20, and that’s pretty damn good.”

There’s plenty more I could link here, but I like to keep this section fun, so this is all for this week. But hey, there’s another week just around the corner!

Keep reading. Have a good one.

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