What Else Is On? May 10th, 2020


What Else Is On? is a collection of writing from elsewhere on the web that I thought was good this week.
Mike Fahey, Kotaku
* It seems that absolutely everyone is playing Animal Crossing and getting very creative and probably also going a little stir crazy?

Emily Rose, RE:BIND
* A study of the simple Douglas Fir, constant companion of the serene and the weird. And a look into why that is.

East Village Mainstay Veselka Reopens With A Takeout Menu Of All-Time Favorites
Scott Lynch, Gothamist
* Nothing better happen to Veselka before I get there. God I miss being out in New York.

Only The 24 Hours Of Lemons Could Take Virtual Racing To Its Full Potential
Bradley Brownell, Jalopnik
* Just wait til you get to the saxophone.

Games Criticism Is A Kindness
Heather Alexandra, (who is sadly leaving) Kotaku
* This is an extremely articulate and well thought out piece from Heather Alexandra, an extremely talented writer who is saying her goodbyes at Kotaku this week and moving on to greener pastures. It simultaneously puts into words a lot of feelings I’ve had but haven’t known how to express, and also has given me a lot to think about and internalize.

Wealth, shown to scale
Matt Korostoff, Github
* A visual representation of how fucking rich a few people are and a pretty good example of how killing taxing them would immediately solve a lot of problems.

Happy reading! Til next week 👋

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