This Morning's Turnips, May 11th 2020

Here we go again, folks. Day one of a new turnip cycle. Nothing but raw hope and possibility.

I bought yesterday morning at a price of 101 Bells per turnip. I bought 1000 turnips, which has become my go-to amount for no other reason than I tend to have just the right amount of bells to buy that many come Sunday morning.

This morning, Timmy and Tommy offered to buy them at a price of 63 Bells per turnip. Of course this is low, but the first offer is never where you’re going to sell, so this is more about taking the temperature of the coming week.

A low price can be a bad omen, but when the opening offer is this much lower than the purchase price (63 vs 101), you can reasonably expect at least one bump during the week.

My turnip calculating website of choice,, is telling me as much, and I’m just hopeful enough to believe it.

Good luck everyone, and may the turnips be in your favor 🧄
(I know this is garlic, there is still no turnip emoji)

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