Holy Shit, Sebastian Vettel is Leaving Ferrari

Yeah that’s right, I’m into Formula 1.

Things had been expected to get wild with drivers making moves as several high-profile contracts were set to expire at the end of this season, and trigger a wave of announcements that has come to be known to F1 fans as “silly season.” That was before the entire planet was put on lockdown and the Formula 1 calendar put on pause.

Since everything has ground to a halt, there was a feeling around F1 that teams and drivers might consider this year a wash, and extend things as they are for another year (as the sport as a whole has decided to do for the upcoming technical regulation change), and re-evaluate after a proper season.

Yeah, guess not! Vettel’s decision to vacate his seat at one of the most high-profile teams on the grid is sure to kick off quite the game of musical chairs as drivers try to make the move to a team that can give them a chance to win some races.

McLaren’s Carlos Sainz, Jr. is already being named as a potential replacement for Vettel, which, in this writer’s humble opinion, would be extremely cool. That Carlos is one smooth operator.

If, dear reader, you are not familiar with the ins and outs of Formula 1, earth’s greatest sport, I must recommend to you the incredible Netflix documentary series, Formula 1: Drive to Survive, which has been a great jumping-on point for many a recent fan.
I would also throw in the Shift-F1 podcast which features some great inclusive coverage from some great blokes.

Alright, get back to your life.


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