I’m pretending it’s summer today

Hi, it’s May 9th and it snowed last night. But it’s sunny enough outside, so I’m pretending it’s summer today.

Forgetting and pretending can be pretty useful and necessary acts of self-care from time to time, in small doses. Luckily, I’m very good at those things, so I’m doing myself a solid and pretending it’s summer today.

My space heater is doing a lot of the heavy lifting on this one. It was chilly in my living room this morning, but this little baby has slowly but surely created the perfect temperature for my brain to not be entirely sure if the sound of the fan is the space heater heating up a cold apartment or a window AC unit cooling down a hot one. I was chilling here on the couch for maybe an hour before I even realized I was doing it, but I am 100% pretending it’s summer today.

My trusty Vornado, a tower of warmth.

I’m doing all my usual summer things. First, you know I’m wearing a t-shirt. No sweaters in sight on this balmy day! Second, I’m reading about video games. Always tons of hot new reveals this time of year! It’s the gamer’s Christmas! Third, through the magic of the internet, I’m enjoying some live music festival I only heard about a minute ago on Twitter. You feeling these beats? Oh yeah, I’m definitely pretending it’s summer today.

Not a sweater in sight, no sir.

I think perhaps later today I’ll have some ice cream to further cool things down. I have a new game downloading on my Switch, Tonight We Riot, by Pixel Pushers Union 512. That’s right. This summer? She’s a Socialist Summer. Kill your boss! Fuck your landlord! Marry your bank! And then kill ’em!

Let’s see, what else…uhh pizza! Gonna eat some leftover pizza for dinner tonight. Nothing more summer than pizza. Can’t eat pizza in the cold, surely. Was that a chill? Better turn down that AC a few notches, heh heh. Yes, I’m pretending it’s summer today, without a doubt.

I wasn’t kidding about that music festival, Knower killed it.

Oh yo, I just remembered I’ve got a package coming today! Ordered some 3D printed parts for a big electronics project I’m undertaking. Getting mail is summer as shit, are you kidding me? Fuck yeah. All the doubts I never had have been squashed. The summer that was never off is back on! I might even play some Star Wars games in a bit (another thing I do in summer). Nothing on this earth can stop me from pretending it’s summer today.

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