This Morning’s Turnip Price, May 8th 2020

Turnips in Animal Crossing are bought on Sunday at a fixed price, and their sale price fluctuates every morning and afternoon, all week.

My Stalk Market has been tanking all week. Steady decreases in price every day. This is the third time this has happened since Daisy Mae came to the island (I think. Time means nothing).

This morning was no different: 55 Bells.

A grim omen. The lack of any upward jump by Friday means only doom. A cold wind blows and my crops wither. My only hope now lies on the islands of my friends and internet strangers. I poured my savings into this wretched turnip machine. I must now beg for some relief, or perish.

I will check the price once more this afternoon. Hopes are not high.

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