Moonlighter Review

The Nintendo Switch library has been growing like gangbusters lately. It seems like every week there’s a new game (or an old game made new) just waiting to be played in bed or on the subway. This month was no different, and after some pining, and the announcement of a Signature Edition, I decided to pick up Moonlighter, a new game from Digital Sun and … Continue reading Moonlighter Review

Pick a Pic: Nextbit Robin camera test

This past month or so, my latest and greatest phone, Google’s Nexus 6P, started having battery issues. It’s lasted me about two years, so this wasn’t too distressing. Unfortunately, this is just the lifespan of a smartphone in my experience. But every smartphone death is an opportunity for positive change, and in my case, I used that opportunity to snag my dream phone: The Nextbit … Continue reading Pick a Pic: Nextbit Robin camera test